Parya Badie

“This 'magic circle' firm attracts intelligent yet interesting U.S. qualified lawyers with entrepreneurial moxie.”

Partner in London
Key Facts
Attended Harvard Law School
Joined A&O
March 2001

Parya first joined the London office as a summer associate in 1999 following her graduation from Harvard Law School. After completing her clerkship with Senior United States District Judge Milton Pollack in the Southern District of New York, she joined Allen & Overy in London as an associate. She is now a partner in the firm's Derivatives Group which forms part of the International Capital Markets Department.

Once upon a time, after abandoning notions of becoming an actress, an archaeologist (it was quite 'in' post-Indiana Jones), or an economist (I was older then), my aspiration was to be an 'international lawyer' - whatever that was. I was inspired by traveling - I loved learning new languages, experiencing different cultures, and meeting unique people. After spending a year working in China, I went to law school and spent my first two summers working at four very different law firms in four cities, including New York and Paris. While I learned many things, made some good friends and generally had a fantastic time, I could not really imagine myself leading the life I had witnessed in those summer stints once I was ready to embark on my own career. I spent the summer after graduation at A&O upon the recommendation of some friends. I loved it. This "magic circle" firm was attracting intelligent yet jocose U.S. qualified lawyers with entrepreneurial moxie; (of course traveling to Amsterdam on a securities deal, Budapest on a derivatives matter and Cambridge for a work off-site didn't hurt).

When I returned I spent my first year working on a variety of transactions ranging from a German corporation's high yield debt issue to an Italian company's securities offering - always interspersed with some derivatives work - under the supervision of six different partners. Then, after being offered several internal secondments, I accepted one with the Derivatives Group where I am now a partner. During my time I have worked on numerous derivatives products, including call and put options, swaptions, and basis, currency, and credit default swaps, as well as cutting-edge structured transactions including portfolio credit default swaps, synthetic collateralized debt obligations, credit-linked notes, securitizations, transformers and equity-linked investment funds.

Working consistently on intellectually stimulating multi-jurisdictional issues with clients who I meet regularly, working and socializing with lawyers qualified in England, Hong Kong, France, Brazil, and elsewhere, each with their own distinctive humor, jargon and perspective, and traveling with the firm has proved in keeping with the firm's globalization plans and my personal goals for development. How symbiotic.