It is no longer true that litigators are only called in when things go wrong.  The traditional role of dispute resolution is changing.  Businesses now need to identify potential areas for dispute at the earliest possible time, and put in place risk management strategies to protect their business and avoid conflict.  So in addition to helping support our clients, whether in court litigation, international arbitration, regulatory enforcement or mediation, we work at a strategic level with our clients to identify potential issues and manage their litigation risk.  Our clients range from global financial institutions and major international companies to governments, regulators and state bodies; part of our skill as litigators is to carefully match solutions to our client's particular situation. 

Our dispute resolution practice has an impressive track record of resolving the most complex and high-profile disputes in the market. Our associates have the opportunity to work on an incredibly broad range of matters. As a junior litigator, you will be researching points of law, drafting witness statements, attending trials at court or before arbitral tribunals and assisting in negotiating settlements between disputing parties.  Associates are encouraged to manage small matters themselves, with guidance when necessary and may conduct their own advocacy at hearings, if appropriate.

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